Radical Acts

Iron Age Theatre will be working with students at Temple this semester. Helping them interpret, connect with, and perform texts from the western canon at a year end special event. These are students from all walks of life and cultures. But they are not actors, or acting students, nor striving to become actors. [ not yet anyway] They will be reading great literary works as part of their general liberal arts education. Galileo, Marx, Emma Goldman, Lucretius, Sojourner Truth, among others.

Those of us who are actors are , in a sense, lifetime students. Like these young people we are given texts to read and interpret and present in public. We strive to understand the authors intention. To stand in the shoes of a given character and connect to the circumstances in which that character exists, all with the fragile hope we might communicate his or her big ideas to others. We strive to go deeper into our own emotional and intellectual lives to infuse this work with all the humanity and truth we can muster. And then, as best as we can , experience a new way of seeing and feeling, and thinking. We see the world with new eyes…Inevitably we learn something new…and we learn something about ourselves. We then humbly, with vulnerability, dare to share it with others.

This opportunity to work with, and for , the future generation… Well, it feels like a great gift . 

We love what we do. 

Let the journey begin.


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