by Dave Fiebert

IMG_1782As I write this, it is approaching mid-April 2014. BURIED CHILD has 3 more performances left. Dodge and I will part company at that time. Or will we?….

I have enjoyed our union, Dodge and me. Unexpectedly, Dodge gave me a chance to live again with members of my family. Members who are now gone. Much of BURIED CHILD deals with the issues of the bones in our past, how they shape our present, and how they influence our future for good and for bad.

For me going into the role of Dodge, I expected my father to be in the performance. That was a given. I watched my father age, I saw us fall apart, I saw us come together, and in the end my family and I got to spread his ashes down in the Chesapeake in the waters he so loved to sail. He was with me in this role.

IMG_0331My marriage has been present, too, in this role. The foibles of upstairs and downstairs, the humor, the honesty, expectations met and not met. And the love that is always undeniably there, even when it seems not to be. This love is my rock. This love is a role I am still learning.

The mystery guest was my brother who passed away some 28 years ago. He was the surprise visitor in my performance. I can never thank him enough. My brother’s passing was not quiet. It was the end of great suffering for him. His suffering has lingered with those he left behind ever since. There was much mystery to my brother in his lifetime. Quiet stealth. Dangerous and deep. He had a true love of the beauty of nature. He had an unforgiving heart as well. Complex. I never once consciously thought about him in forming the role. He just showed up. He showed up in support of the work, as he would do in life. He’d just be there. Looking back, I couldn’t have done Dodge without him. The work would lack honesty if I had. He made it honest.

So I am simply here to say thanks to my father and my brother and my wife. It has been great having them all in my life. They have allowed me to confront some hard things in my past and move forward -accept what has passed, admit what has passed, own my past in ways I was afraid to do prior. They have all had my back. Strange, I never saw this silver lining coming, but it has and I am most grateful.

So Dodge, let’s do a couple more this weekend and salute each other one last time on Sunday. It’s been great to know you….




  1. Wonderful! So evocative and, somehow, familiar. Thank you!

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