The Light at the End: an actor considers his role in the darkness.

BURIED CHILD 2.14.13 by Dave Fiebert


Been thinking about family. Can’t help but think about family with BURIED CHILD. Three generations under one roof. It’s the story about the neighbors next door you never want to know anything about. It is an unraveling, unsettling journey about things you don’t want to happen to your family, yet they are things buried in all families. The family history no one will admit to. The elephant in the room made visible. It is wrenching and disturbing. It is the mirror. It is bigger than you, and it is on the loose.

So how to approach BURIED CHILD?

It is often said the light at the end of the tunnel is hope. BURIED CHILD is the attempt of trying to extinguish that light. An attempt to live only in darkness. I cannot find anything more bleak than that. Hope is hard to find in the world of this play where everything has a price.

S2014-02-24 21.19.08o this came to me….

Light and Dark:

I am one actor entering a dark tunnel. I am looking for the light at the end of it. A destination. A route to follow. As I begin to sense the light, I head toward it. I am on my way. But when I reach the light, I find out it is not the end of the tunnel. It is an unknown light along the route. Now there is darkness behind me and darkness before me. Is all I have done been in vain? Have I done nothing but chase false hope? 2014-02-16 15.25.21So, I remain by the light. From the darkness comes an actor who has followed the light as well, having had the same experience as me. Then another actor and then another, until we are all around this one light surrounded by the vast impenetrable darkness. But, we are not alone now. We are together in this light we share. We look at each other now, and not at the darkness. We work with what light we have. We will dance in this light, and in time, others will be drawn to it like moths to see what we are about. We will radiate this one light, and our strengths will multiply.

That is how I envision this project. We are light. And when the show light goes out for the final curtain, hopefully there will be a glow that lasts in all of us, and you.

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