Is This A New Idea? Another Look at Theatre Teaming from Clyde Fitch Report

An article from the Clyde Fitch Report by Scott Walters about theatres helping theatres succeed. Not my proposal but philosophically in tune with it.

Take a chance at changing the world.

…seek out young artists who have an idea that tries something new, that seeks to disrupt the status quo, that tries to make a dent in the artistic universe. Ignore the young people who simply want to recreate the same stuff being done by the 2% — we don’t need more 6-play seasons mixing safe classics and middle-brow suburban two-handers. … Try this experiment for a set number of years, and at the end of those years, evaluate the results: how have these new ventures changed the way things are done? How have they created new options for young artists and for communities everywhere? How have they enriched society?

And Then, Pull the Plug

Give these ventures a limited time to figure out how to be self-sustaining

Read the Entire Article :


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