Tourtured Soul: Playing in the Iron Age Theatre

IMG_9569by Richard Bradford (Jefferson)

Hi… I’m a tortured soul.. Hold on let me elaborate. You see this tortured soul thing all began about 3 or 4 years ago when I first audition for Randy Wise for a part in Chris Braak’s The Life Of John Henry.

A week went past and I received a call from John Doyle “Hey this is John Doyle. My partner liked you for the part of Laz. What’s your conflicts?” The path of a tortured soul begins. The role of Laz was hardcore dealing with the remorse of an actual tortured soul (I was a dead guy) whose decisions to run for freedom keeps him running even after death. “We need to see the pain of that choice” was thrown around in rehearsals and just when I thought I had it- “Yeah that’s good but let’s go deeper”

This is the Iron Age way.. Details and Deeper till the point of exhaustion is met with creative satisfaction. That show stretched my acting chops and traveling back and forth to Stella Alder in NY helped as well. But Randy and John me in and allowed me to grow within the company. Production after production they worked me and worked with me.

Sometimes putting my courage to the test and life at risk (Performing a highly emotionally charged scene from the Dutchman in the middle of a crowded Art Hill Festival)… And working with rage and bitterness in The Slave. But these experiences and many others have help me grow stronger. And now with the role of Jefferson In A Lesson Before Dying I am once again stretched and torn and exhausted and this was just the first week of rehearsals.

But Randy and John and the whole Iron Age family experience have prep for this AND WE WORK. AND THE JOURNEY OF THE TORTURED SOUL CONTINUES…

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