Old Actor-New Actor by Dave Fiebert

20131027_145055I am now used to being the eldest member of the cast. I don’t get any younger. Most times I forget I am the oldest. Age really doesn’t matter for me when I ply my trade on the boards.  I am still the oldes in  A LESSON BEFORE DYING, but, this cast is different than the others. I, at one time, was the newbie at Iron Age having started with a seasoned Adam Altman in FATHERS AND SONS some years back. I was the oldest in the cast at that time. That hasn’t changed. But a veteran actor then, I was not. I had been away from acting some 20 years. Now having returned, the entire cast back then moved me along to where I began to get my stage legs under me once again. 20131022_203156Production after production began to flow like the seasons with Iron Age. An actor’s dream to be working so steadily and creatively under the tutelage of such gutsy, edgy devoted theatre artists as Randy Wise and John Doyle. And a special treat to be working with a company of like minded actors again and again.

Now comes A LESSON BEFORE DYING. A cast of 3 black men, 2 black women, and white men -one young, and one old. Now we all know which role I pulled down. I knew only one other actor with whom I had worked at Iron Age -Rich Bradford. The others, including Rich, had all worked and auditioned together and in and around Philadelphia. They all traded stories about people, places, and productions. They were all auditioning for parts elsewhere while being cast here in Norristown. They are a BUZZ. They buzz energy and style. They buzz social media and networking. They are modern and they are ancient. They are connected. They are individuals. They are family folk. And they are all new to me. I, as a veteran of Iron Age, am once again the newbie in the cast. I am the unknown player. The “where did this guy come from” player. The “who is he” player. You get the idea. So I am cutting my theatrical teeth once again to earn my place in the cast. It’s good not to rest on your laurels. John and Randy would never let anyone do that, including themselves. Time to kick tail. Stir up the dust. Mix it up. Get down to the heart of the matter, for the love of theatre. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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