Moby Dick Composed: Limericks from our resident welshman(woman)

claire“…whenever it’s a damp November in my soul; I count it time to get to sea…”

I was going to write about how the process of creating and developing a piece of theatre with Iron Age has been a fulfilling experience. From the improvisation which helped us bond as an ensemble, while gaining an understanding of the ideas, themes and characters in the play, to our trip to Mystic to rehearse aboard the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship… I decided however to summarize with a couple of limericks:

Moby Dick Rehearsed:

There once was a group doing King Lear
Who thought they had nothing to fear
But they got to rehearsal one day
To find that they’d been given a new play
With a bunch of heathen sailors so queer!

There once was a crew from Nantucket
Whose captain should have said f*#k it
They chased the white whale
The only one left was Ishmael
The others just all kicked the bucket!

There once was a girl…well, me
Who came from a land across the sea
The experience did feed her soul
When they got going they were on a roll
Sailing like those boys en route to “old Maui”

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