Hunting the Beast: Rehearsal Reports for Moby Dick Rehearsed.

Ad so it begins…
One of my thesis for our production of Orson Welles Moby Dick Rehearsed is that the play isWelles attempt to hunt the beast that is the Novel Moby Dick as a stage play. Welles, like Ahab, struggles capture this unique creature as a stage play. Early in the play, the characters all call out the obstacles to adapting Moby Dick.
Welles struggles to capture the beast and I think, we as a company are on a parallel voyage to hunt the production just as Welles hunted the novel.
This metatheatrical idea is supported by the plays very structure.
In this spirit, I will be sharing short entries about the rehearsal process over the next 6 weeks.
January 21: today was about transformation. Iron Age Theatre uses improvisation as a foundation for our work. An opening rehearsal can often be filled with ensemble based work. We worked in this first rehearsal at breaking many of the realism foundations of our improv process.
20130122-120128.jpgI care about the theatre company core of Moby Dick Rehearsed so to begin each actor shared a story from their theater ail past. After telling the story, our Actor Manager, Tony Giampetro, would cast the story with members of the company and they world act the tale out.
We spend much of the night working on transforming props from their original purpose to new ones invented for various scenarios. Rope became a fuse, an umbrella a parachute, a extendable wall hanging coat rack became a bank tellers screen. Innovation and imagination was the key.
Finally we worked on some communal physical work.
The camaraderie of an Iron Age Rehearsal cannot be denied but additionally, the inventiveness of the company blossomed through this work. Each actor contributed to the creative discussion as well as working their own bodies into the action. We shared laughs and reviewed the actions.
We are used to the luxury of time. Our rehearsal process is longer the many companies today. Working in this abstract and not script specific way is a pleasure. Taking the extra time is part of what we strive for.
Rehearsal ended with pats on the back and find farewells.

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